Workshop: Getting to the Core of Sexuality Trauma

Workshop: Getting to the Core of Sexuality Trauma

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"Ariel är en av de bästa lärarna jag någonsin haft. Man kände tydligt att hon var där för oss deltagare och inte för sig själv." - Deltagare på utbildning

Svenska SE-föreningen hälsar dig välkommen till en tre dagars workshop med Ariel Giarretto.

Tid och plats
11-13 oktober på Lindhagensgatan 53
Lokalen heter ”Fridhem”, ingång via Holmiaparken på bakgården. För vägbeskrivning, se

Kort beskrivning
Utbildningen presenteras på engelska.

Ariel har, tillsammans med en kollega, utvecklat ”The Full Embodiment Model”. Grundtanken är, att med stor varsamhet, visa vägen till läkning efter sexuella trauma och övergrepp.

Hon är SEP, SE-lärare och psykoterapeut och har ägnat närmare tjugo år åt att hjälpa par och individer att bli mer bekväma i sina kroppar, att utforska både sin sexualitet och sensualitet och var de känner sig genusmässigt mest hemma.

Sista anmälningsdag och kursavgift
Anmäl er senast 9:e september 2019 och betala kuravgiften senast 10:e september 2019.
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Longer description in English

The Full Embodiment Model presented by Ariel Giarretto

The program is aimed at increasing awareness, aliveness and pleasure in our whole bodies. It looks at developmental imprints and other formative influences that interrupt a clear, stress-free relationship with ourselves as fully embodied sexual/sensual beings.

It offers transformative experiential practices for all levels of interest—for self-exploration and personal enhancement, healing sexual abuse, as well as providing useful strategies for therapists working with sexuality and trauma.

It is open to anyone desiring to learn more about sexuality from a somatic/social/cultural, psychological or physiological perspective.

This workshop will cover how to:

  • Have more ease, confidence and connection with our whole bodies
  • Establish a strong somatic container and develop honest “embodied consent” through boundaries
  • Understand our response to sexual arousal through the “Dual Mode” brake/accelerator model that supports us in identifying the unconscious “brakes” that thwart pleasure and desire
  • Learn new ways of finding peace, pleasure and safety after sexual abuse or assault
  • Examine the messages than many are given about gender, the body and sexuality, and begin to access and embody more authentic beliefs and desires, underneath the conditioning

Format and Techniques:

  • The workshop is a friendly mix of science and education, psychological and emotional inquiry, and gentle, respectful exercises designed to deepen contact with self.
  • It will include mindfulness practices, self-reflection, small and large group sharing, lectures, videos and suggested readings.

Who can benefit:

  • Therapists, coaches, social workers, bodyworkers, healthcare professionals and anyone working with sexual trauma, dissociation, body image, gender identity, and sexual dysfunction will benefit.
  • Individuals wanting to improve their intimate relationships, learn more about their bodies and their sexuality, as well as people who have survived sexual trauma or gender discrimination.
  • Individuals ready to transform their relationship to themselves and their bodies
  • People who were raised with negative attitudes or condemning messages concerning their gender, sex and the body

Men, LGBTIQ, gender fluid, and all sexual orientations are celebrated and welcomed.

About Ariel

Ariel Giarretto, LMFT, SEP, CMT Ariel Giarretto, MS, LMFT, is devoted to helping couples and individuals become more at ease in their bodies, as well as discovering what is their most authentic relationship to their gender, their sensuality and their sexuality.

She is a long-term body-oriented psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and Somatic Sex Educator. She is the co-developer of “The Full Embodiment Model” which offers gentle, transformative workshops for people wanting to heal from the effects of sexuality/gender trauma, sexual abuse and disembodiment.

Trained in a wide variety of somatic therapies, she is primarily informed by Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE), the beautiful, heart-centered work that treats the physiological effects of the trauma, as well as connects people to their deepest, core self. For 19 years she has been full-time SE teaching faculty, training and mentoring professionals all over the globe.

Throughout the 90’s she was on staff at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, as a workshop and group leader, a private therapist and a member of the bodywork and massage crew. She has special training in pre and perinatal trauma with Ray Castellino, as well as attachment and early developmental trauma, and has been a home birth advocate, and a "doula”. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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